2014/2015 Dance Company!!!

What does it mean to be a member of our award-winning Dance Dynamics Dance Company? It's one thing to be a great dancer, but becoming a great dancer takes more than just technique-it takes heart.  The Dance Dynamics Dance Company continues to work at being the best dancers they can be.  With a balanced approach to working hard, learning, and having fun, our dancers develop into strong and vibrant individuals, capable of meeting any challenge presented throughout life.  our competitive company is an award-winning performance troop that competes, performs, and attends workshops and conventions.  We compete with Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Modern, Contemporary, and Tap in Mini, Junior, and Senior teams.

All the staff at Dance Dynamics their professional dance experience and formal dance education and training into a perfect combination for our competitive dancers!  All the staff trains with the competitive team numerous hours each week in technique training and rehearsals.  We have a wonderful staff that is very dedicated, motivational, and driven group of teachers that love their students more than anything!  Their passion in life is watching these dancers grow and accomplish everything they have worked so hard for.

To be a part of the Dance Dynamics Dance Company there is an audition process and a large level of commitment from both the dancers and the dancer's family.  A company member is required to attend 3-10 hours of classes a week and additional company rehearsals during the week.  They will perform around the local area, compete in numerous competitions a year, and attend 1 convention with top teachers from Los Angeles and New York.  Being a part of our competitive company is a great experience for any young dancer from the age of 5-18 that just LOVES to dance!




  • Frankie Henson

  • Lily Henson

  • Maeve Krzysiak

  • Jacqueline Jaramillo

  • Brooklyn Pretkelis

  • Paisley Perley

  • Annie Japlon

  • Lilly Japlon

  • Caitlin Mourek

  • Maddie Bird

  • Faith Petersen

  • Maeve Petersen

  • Madison Altman

  • Alyssa Altman

  • Emma Markstrom

  • Mia Spanier

  • Dominic DiPalermo

  • Alyssa DelGiudice

  • Hailey Bova

  • Allison Chaffee

  • Elizabeth Huzienga

  • Emily Mundry







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