Since she was 15 years old, it has been Brittnie Quinn's dream to own her own dance studio. Through hard work and determination she started Dance Dynamics Dance Company in 2006.

Brittnie was finally able to open her own dance studio in 2008.

Dance Dynamics started in Aurora, in 2014 we expanded to Geneva, and now we are in our final DREAM HOME at 5,000 sq ft in Batavia, IL. Brittnie is so excited to begin our 14th season with our dancers this fall!

Entering the national award winning company's 14th year of operation, the studio's creator, Brittnie Quinn, pursues her vision and mission to "take her dancers to the next level by continuously evolving in the ever changing dance world and to work with her students to effectively introduce the trends, styles, and techniques of the future."

Brittnie & all of her incredible staff constantly train in all genres of dance as well as attend multiple seminars annually to  learn and always have new things to offer their students.

​Since it's conception, DDDC has been extremely successful placing  numbers in the top overall at every competition attended, including 1st overalls! Brittnie Quinn started Dance Dynamics from scratch and has solely put all of her efforts into producing what she knows will be known as a nationally recognized dance studio and company. Her passion for dance, and her dancers, is far beyond the stereotypical title of a "Dance Teacher".  


"Teaching and producing true technically based dancers is my whole life, and the work me & my staff create is an expression of life, as well as the lessons we provide our dancers is life altering. I love to teach & inspire and make an impact on our younger generation lives. I am looking forward to many more successful years of watching my current and so many new beautiful dancers truly blossom into the dancers they want and desire to become. We are where Creativity is born and true dancers are made"

-Brittnie Quinn